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The game is a typical scrolling shooter using 2 buttons. The player controls a biplane (only one model available) armed with a machine gun. An optional weapon may be equipped as well (the second button is used for its clockwise rotation). Depending on the position of the optional weapon it may increase the machine gun firepower, drop bombs, aerial mines or shoot fireballs. The game lasts for 5 levels called 'inquiries'.


Inquiry 1 - Forest 
Bosses:  Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus

Inquiry 2 - Airborne 
Boss: Rhamporynchus 
 Unknown dinosaur.
Inquiry 3 - On the Ground 
Bosses: Unknown Dinosaur, Coleoptera 
Inquiry 4 - Bottom of the Sea 
Bosses: Archelon, Amonite
Inquiry 5 - Underground
Bosses: Stegosaur, Tyrannosaurus



During the 1930's, there have been many shipwrecksnear the Bahama Islands. Therefore we must conductan investigation near the island where the accidents have occured.  


 Mission accomplished.
After killing T-Rex the pilots manage to escape  the island only to be killed by a bunch of tiny, green of pterodactyls. The accidents still remain a mystery. The ending contains a reference to the Bermuda Triangle.

We've escaped from the island of prehistoric crestures. The accisents around this island were caused by them.We must report the findings of our investigation to our country. The triangle area, known for it's many mysterious accidents remains unsafe for air and sea passage.

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