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Prehistorik Man is a 2D platformer that was first released on the SNES and Game Boy and then later ported to GBA, DSiWare and mobile platforms. It is the third game in the Prehistorik series, following Prehistorik and Prehistorik 2. Like its predecessors, the plot involves a prehistoric village which has its food supply stolen and a single adventurous caveman must find a way to replenish the village's larder.

The brave Sam, the village's best hope for salvation, is sent by the village chief and a group of experts to help locate the fabled "dinosaurs' graveyard" in the far north. Here, they hope to recover a King's ransom in bones, the currency of the era. With these bones, the tribe can purchase enough food to survive the coming Winter.

Sam has an array of abilities including a run, which increases the distance he can jump, as well as a club weapon and a powerful shout attack that recovers after a brief cooldown.

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