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President of the United States

United States Congress

Senate Appropriations Committee

Senate Commerce Subcommittee

United States Congress

House Ethics Committee

House Ways and Means Committee

House National Security Subcommittee

Maryland State Congress

Attorney at Law
Fidley, Barrow & Bain


Juris Doctor
University of Maryland School of Law
Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts, Political Economy
Georgetown University
Washington, DC


NCAA All-American, Men’s Basketball
Big East Conference Defensive Player of the Year
SportingNews College Player of the Year
Wooden Award for Player of the Year


Divorced from Sherry Palmer
Son: Keith Palmer
Daughter: Nicole Palmer
Brother: Wayne Palmer

President David Palmer is as forthright as any human being will ever be capable of attaining. He's tough when he needs to be and decisive when it may seem like the least popular choice. He honors loyalty in men like Jack Bauer and is able to see Jack's logic when everyone else thinks Jack is crazy. He is a stern leader of the United States of America, who's only major flaws are having married Sherry "Pure Evil" Palmer and being a bit too forgiving of his bumbling brother Wayne Palmer. He served one term as President, but decided not to seek a second after Wayne tried to cover up being at the scene of a suicide. He also came to the aide of succeeding President Keeler, after an attempt on Keeler's life aboard Air Force One, and at the behest of an under prepared Vice President Logan. President David Palmer finally met his fate when he was shot by an assassin's bullet and died from his injuries. The assassination was an attempt at framing Jack Bauer for the murder, and in an effort to cause an international crisis.

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