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Richardson started out as a Congressman of the Enclave. His father, Richardson Senior, was the President before him. With his help, Dick Richardson rose to power, eventually leading to him being elected President in 2220. He proceeded to serve six consecutive terms. 
As leader of the Enclave, he impressed his idea of a mutant-free North America and those under him. He was the overseer of the plan to use modified biological weapons to effectively kill nearly 100% of intelligent life in North America, a measure he saw necessary to eradicate mutants so that the "pure" humans could prosper. 
In Fallout 2, President Richardson is the primary antagonist. The player finds him on the Enclave's oil rig, which acted as their base of operations. From the oil rig, the Enclave monitored the situation in the mainland, performed F.E.V. experiments on live test subjects, and remained safe from the horrors in the Wasteland. The player kills Richardson and then blows up the oil rig.

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