Bethesda: Prey 2 is "...simply not good enough"

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Via The405:

Bethesda's Vice President of PR, Pete Hines, has released a statement via IGN about the much delayed and unknown status of Prey 2 stating the game is, "... simply not good enough."

'We're not going to just proceed blindly with something that isn’t good enough', explained Hines. 'We've been very specific about why, and we've been very specific about the whats. When that gets addressed and changed or whatever, at that point we can give an update. But nobody's disappointment is greater than ours.'

'We spent a lot of time and money and effort trying to make this thing happen and support folks,' he continued, 'but at the same time, you just can't keep throwing money at it and saying, "Sure, it'll eventually work." You have to have the discipline to say, "It's not good enough. It's not hitting the quality bar. Why isn't it? We've been at this for a while, and what we have is not what we talked about." So that's where we are.'

Commenting further on the rumors from the development side, Hines said that 'I think all of the stuff that you've heard at this point has been from one side of this, and it's been somebody putting spin on it, like, "Here’s what happened." No, that's your version of what you think happened. I haven't heard from anybody yet that actually sat in the room."

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