Did anyone besides me really enjoy the first game?

#1 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

I really enjoyed the game, even past the first hour, and I found the level design and overall vibe of the game really cool. I am pretty psyched for the sequel.

#2 Posted by GetEveryone (4531 posts) -

Never got round to playing it, even though I always intended to. 
Can't imagine there's much point at this juncture.

#3 Posted by JoyfullOFrockets (1206 posts) -

I really enjoyed the first too. I had given up hopes on a sequel, though I'm getting the feeling it won't turn out so great in today's market.

#4 Posted by Vlaphor (208 posts) -

I also enjoyed the game.  I felt it had a nice feel to it, the level design was interesting, and the weapons were fun to use.  Enjoyed it far more than Doom 3, but not as much as Quake 4.  Looking forward to the sequel as well.

#5 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

I liked the abduction part, but the game got boring later on

#6 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

Man, if George Noory isn't in Prey 2, I am going to be sad.

#7 Edited by XenoNick (1516 posts) -

I enjoyed but thought it dragged on abit.

#8 Posted by TromboneTony (169 posts) -

I need to dig out my copy of the game and install it again. I remember enjoying the game when it came out but I'm not sure it'll hold up now.
#9 Posted by LackLuster (897 posts) -

I have fond memories of it, it's all kind of a blur now except for the stellar opening sequence

#10 Posted by jessej07 (232 posts) -

Prey is one of my all-time favorites.  I really connected to that game in a way that is rare for me, I remember being very immersed and emotionally connected to all the characters.  Really love that game.

#11 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

I got 9/10 of the way done with it, then never went back to it for some reason. Although I liked it quite a bit.

#12 Posted by ch13696 (4761 posts) -

I don't know if anyone noticed, but if you have the PC version you can register it with Steam to get that version as well.

#13 Posted by Hairy_Fish (375 posts) -

I didn't really enjoy the first but it was definitely underrated and definitely worth playing.

#14 Posted by Dr_happay_ninja (2 posts) -

 I liked it , it was entertaining for what it was, But I never got to finish it though.

#15 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

Fucking awesome introduction - one of my favorites of all time. Shame the rest of the game wasn't as good.

#16 Posted by ConstantRa1n (383 posts) -

I loved it. The end was a bit stale, but overall it's one of my favorite scifi fps.

#17 Posted by Superharman (86 posts) -

Because I am so interested in the sequel I'll be picking this up on Games on Demand when I can justify the cash. I was actually quite surprised at the solid review scores when I looked it up the other day given the generally negative comments being made about it recently. Looking forward to going through it and it is good to know it really connected with people.

#18 Posted by rmanthorp (4240 posts) -


#19 Posted by pweidman (2414 posts) -

I really enjoyed it. Prey had some cool ideas and gameplay at the time. Inverting environments, and the spirit world stuff are memorable. This game does not look like a sequel on any terms except title...unless I'm missing something.

#20 Posted by Gonmog (644 posts) -

It had some very cool ideas and game play, i enjoyed playing it a lot and every time its on sale on steam i tell people to get it!

This game does not look anything like the first. Just has some ties to it story. But its a new char, on a new planet who has his own things going on.

#21 Posted by ShaggE (7094 posts) -

Loved it. 

#22 Posted by Mutley (350 posts) -

Never played it.

Although prey 2 looks awesome. You don't need to play the first one to play the second right?

#23 Posted by wickedsc3 (1043 posts) -

At the time yea it was ok.

#24 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2511 posts) -

I liked it enough to play through it three or four times. The vehicle sequences are dull, the game drags in the last third and the puzzles are unimaginative, but it has a great icky artstyle and the semi-living weapons are fun. The utter disregard for human life is both unsettling and refreshing.

#25 Posted by Nasar7 (2962 posts) -

I enjoyed the first Prey, it was very unique and had some truly emotional moments.

#26 Posted by MeierTheRed (5014 posts) -

It was't bad just mediocre. So can't say i "really" enjoyed it.

#27 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

No, because it was a bad game. Worse than Quake 4, which was a pretty bad game. The look of the game was pretty unoriginal, and people thought it was unique just because of the opening of the game. After that, it was Quake meets Doom in awfully designed levels and a hideous engine. The Spirit stuff pretty much broke the game, and wasn't very well presented. Some of the portal stuff was "neat" but happened like once, and never again was it interesting, just a thing to get you somewhere else. The weapons got old fast because you got them all so quickly, and the way that game handled was pretty awful, especially on consoles. It wasn't so bad that if you were bored and had nothing better to do you wouldn't feel mildly more entertained than continuing your wall staring, but it wasn't by any stretch of the imagination "enjoyable" for me.

#28 Posted by EndrzGame (325 posts) -

I liked the first game. It wasn't 'mind blowing' but it thought it was fun. I'm so glad to see a sequel. Especially after the ending from the first.  The part I'm talking about is after the credits, at 5min in.

#29 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3458 posts) -

I enjoyed the first one immensely. I replayed it about three times.

#30 Posted by Bones8677 (3362 posts) -

Never played it myself, but my brother really liked it.

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