kinjirossd's Prey (Xbox 360) review

Lackluster, pathetic attempt at a Doom-ish FPS

You star as Tommy, a Native American without any regard for his heritage, who was abducted by aliens. Unfortunately this never is truly elaborated upon. He only cares about saving his girlfriend and the dialogue gets to the point that if you hear one more whiny comment from him, you will reach the screen and choke him. Story is pretty bad considering who wrote it.

Straight Doom/Quake 4 carbon copy. Truly uninspiring

It's a run of the mill FPS and it even fails to accomplish that fully. Aliens rush at you from portals and you shoot them. No challenge can be found here. Heck, you can even die all you want because the only consequence is a side trip to some a spirit world with flying manta rays or something of the sort. The games does try to introduce a gravity switch/railing twist, but after you've done that once, all future instances just impede progress. The weaponry does have an artistic flare symmetrical with the surroundings however, their functionality are FPS cookie-cutter.

I can't even recall the musical score so that is self-explanatory

Play it once if you can muster the endurance, get the easy achievement points and send it back

Posted by CandiBunni

This is a pretty lackluster, pathetic attempt at a review of a game that is nowhere near as bad as you claim it to be.

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