How in the hell hasn't Patrick reviewed/QL'd this game?

#1 Posted by pwnmachine (403 posts) -

As a self proclaimed dinosaur lover it doesn't seem like he is showing much love for probably one of the better dinosaur games in past years...

#2 Posted by jakob187 (21755 posts) -

Have you looked all how many high profile games are coming out? There's a pretty good reason why.

#3 Posted by psylah (2185 posts) -

They already did a Quick Look EX, and he was still in Hawaii then.

Maybe we'll get the rare Quick Look that follows an EX?

#4 Posted by pwnmachine (403 posts) -

Yeah that QL was back in August, btw who cares about Halo? Dinosaurzz bro!

#5 Posted by Ett (218 posts) -

they should do a TNT with this game rather then another quicklook.

#6 Posted by pwnmachine (403 posts) -

Still nothing on this game...

#7 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

Game is kinda disappointing honestly. Out of Dino D-Day, Orion, and this, this game looked the most polished and quality graphics, but it turned out to be a forgettable somewhat buggy game for me. I also don't care for multiplayer only games, so that could've swerved my opinion more. 
I still have a ton of fun with Turok's co-op content though

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