Primal Carnage- Fuck yeah, dinosaurs.

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Alright so somehow I'd never heard of this game before, but I saw the (entirely in engine and real time)trailer on RockPaperShotgun today and damn does it look good so far.
  Trailer and info here-
There's a fair stack of info on the game in there about character classes and general game design goals. From what they've released so far it will be a class based game with one team playing as humans and the other as various species of angry dinosaurs. There have been a LOT of mods in the works promising this type of experience in the past, but not only does this look and sound a lot better at this stage then any of those, it will probably actually get finished. They also provided this awesome chart displaying what class counters another.   

  Also judging from the trailer there would probably be some modes focussing purely on dinosaur combat.
Would love to see Giantbomb do some coverage on this. As an indie developer they wouldn't be able to put much into advertising and seriously rely on word of mouth for the most part.
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That one fight from Jurassic Park 3: the game.

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Except that the outcome and overall fight was completely different and much more appropriate methinks ;) . Mmm why am I responding to a troll?
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That's right, comparing an indy game to the best part of a hit movie is trolling. Skin made of tissue paper, seriously. Unless you're actually on the dev team that kind of backlash is unnecessary. And if you are and this is how you handle compliments, you're going to be in the fucking fetal position when people actually review this thing.

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Ah yes I am hurt beyond measure of course. Acknowledgement of the fact you may have been trolling(look at your DP) does not denote any feeling about that possibility. 
Actually I think trolls are generally pretty funny :D
Edit: Why you mad?
Edit: Nope not on the dev team, merely didn't personally like Jurrassic Park 3 and felt the T-Rex should have won is all.

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Okay that's pretty funny lol

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@ryanwho: ....what did you do to your avatar?
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@luce said:
Keep it  classy
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TF2 with dinos? Humans  vs Dinos? 

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Why can't I help but think it will become a free to play PC game?

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Not really, more similar to Left 4 Dead, AVP, NS and other games with asymmetrical teams.
Plus apparently the dinosaurs all play from third person whilst for the humans it's an FPS.
It looks like that's possible now they're developing with UDK, unless they pull a bunch of money from somewhere for a license.
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@Arkanti: That would be pretty cool. It could certainly work as free to play. Perhaps you could use real money to buy upgrades and new game modes like battlefield heroes. I would love to see this get published and appear on Steam or PSN/XBLA though, even if it were just a small title for like $10 or $15.
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@The_Laughing_Man said:
"TF2 with dinos? Humans  vs Dinos?  "
Needs more hats
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Reading a bit more about it, it looks like the game is going to be PC exclusive initially and costing $20, will be on Steam and other DD services. If it sells well they're going to try and port it to 360+PS3.
You can also donate money to them but it's also just another way of pre-ordering the game if you pay at least $20 with bonuses like beta access, well that's what I used it for anyway. Don't see why you'd want to pay less money specifically for a beta or other somewhat pointless things.
All this down beneath here sounds fantastic, I love that there will be lots of AI life in the levels. The  human pathfinder class is to have a dog companion creature that notifies you when enemies are close and can be ordered to attack and defend, plus being killed itself. That's why he's weak to the Pteranodon because it can easily pick off his dog.

    * There will be 5 playable dinosaurs to choose from, plus a number of NPC (computer controlled) dinosaurs that populate the levels.
    * Dinosaurs will be controlled from a 3rd-person perspective
    * The Primal Carnage team is making as many NPC dinosaurs as time allows them to make.
    * While the Dinosaurs will have the traditional 'scaly' appearance, there is discussion of having unlockable skins, such as the more accurate 'feathered' appearance for some.
    * A possible gameplay mechanic involves carnivorous dinosaurs eating corpses for health regeneration


    #5: Compsognathus - "Horde Class" (view forum post)
      Player controls one Compy with a large group that follows and can be set to different behaviors. Great for distracting and overwhelming the enemy


(both playable and NPC, that have been seen in screenshots, renders, or videos):
Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Big Daddy" Adult T-Rex
secret creature (announced for Donators only) 
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You guys have missed the most important part of the game. 
That it uses Speed Tree technology.

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Seems like it could be a lotta fun.

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I was hoping in vain that this was some sort of sequel to Primal Rage. sigh...

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@gakon5 said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
"TF2 with dinos? Humans  vs Dinos?  "
Needs more hats "
Always .
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@Bones8677 said:
" I was hoping in vain that this was some sort of sequel to Primal Rage. sigh... "
This was also the reason I clicked this thread.
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Huh, kinda has me confused. They say they are using a different engine, but also have the UDK listed on that trailer. Have they switched engines or something?

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They started with Unigine but have since moved over to the UDK.
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@Bones8677 said:
" I was hoping in vain that this was some sort of sequel to Primal Rage. sigh... "
Primal Rage! Now I know what I was expecting to see in this thread. Damn it's been a while.
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we need more good games with dinorsaurs. Reboot jurassic park if you have to just do it. 

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Why do I have a feeling that the OP is advertising? 
 WTF is this shit? 

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@Axxol said:
" Why do I have a feeling that the OP is advertising? 
 WTF is this shit? 
Because in a way I guess I am? Games like these depend on their communities to get the word out, and I like to see good small studios gain some success... plus I'm looking into it for the first time myself and just posting information as I find out about it for discussion.
And yeah that store is terrible, well except for the dog cover-thing that says "Dino Snack". Kinda funny but at the same time I would despise myself for dressing my dog if I had one.
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This was unfortunately the only memorable thing about Primal Rage, the game was pretty terrible.
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I need to fight dinosaurs NOW!

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If this wasn't multiplayer-only, they might really have something special on their hands here. 
Oh well, a man can dream.

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Well the devs have said that if the multiplayer launch is successful, they'll be creating a single player expansion for it.

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i wouldn't get your hopes up.  speaking from personal experience, the lead designer on this project is a bumbling, indecisive fool with ZERO game experience. it's only the artist's work that's attracting people. 
also, they've switched engines 3 times now. cryengine to unigine to udk. wouldn't be surprised to see another switch.

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Hell yeah, dinosaurs.

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nemesis system got bulldozed

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