Kikoskia does voice over for this game (I think)

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So while I was watching Kiko's latest Blood Bowl LP with alienkabalien, she made mention that Kiko had reached celebrity status by doing some voice overs for a game. Kiko tried to play coy, but alien eventually remembered that the game's title was Primordia.

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The Blood Bowl video. Kiko is a bit hard to hear in this, and alien's mic is way too loud. The mention of celebrity status is sometime before the 10 min mark I believe. The part is at 9:25.

This excites me, not only because Kiko is a brilliant Let's Play-er (one of my favs), but he's at his best when doing mock voice overs for the NPCs in the game he's playing.

I was wondering if anybody knew which role Kiko played in Primordia, and if he is at all credited in the credits of the game. I believe his first name is Damien, but somehow I don't think he would opt for his name to be in the credits.

So to those who have played this game through, can you point out kiko's voice, and then could you post a clip of his role. That would be pretty great.

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There is a 'Damien Jennison' listed under 'Additional Robots' in the credits. Every named robot in the game has a credit so I can't really think who that would refer to, other than some passers-by who mostly only emit beeps and boops. He might have voiced the Sad Robot who says only 'I am waiting'. There is an undesignated Repair Bot with quite a lot of dialogue but he doesn't really sound like the guy in your YT vid (although there is a voice filter on the character). Probably best just to ask the guy directly which it was, but it seems likely to have been a very minor part. Sorry about that.

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@Laivasse: Thanks for the info! That is totally his name, btw. Maybe this will be an introduction for more things to come for him.

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