arab_prince's Prince of Persia Classic (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

The Prince is back, from the past

Prince of Persia Classic is basically the same Prince of Persia game that we have all grown to love. But this time around it has gotten a major graphical upgrade.

Gameplay: In this game you basically have to climb, run, jump, and even walk your way past trap-filled mazes. You can do almost all of the actions that you could do in Prince of Persia Sands of Time. The aspect of the gameplay that stands out the most is the sword fighting. When you first start fighting you will be pretty bad at it and you will get killed pretty quick. After a while you will get the hang of the fighting. You will be able to block faster and swing faster and you will fall in love with the fighting. Its really exciting when both you and your enemy continue to block and counter-attack, neither of you getting a hit until one of you makes a breakthrough. Trust me, the fighting becomes addicting.

Graphics: First thing you will notice is how much the graphics have improved. The first Prince of Persia was literally pixels moving on screen. This version however, looks very similar to the Sands of Time, which was a last gen game. So basically an >arcade< game looks as good as a >last gen< game. Interesting no?

Sound: The game comes with nice, ethnic music. It usually only plays during the main menu, and there seems to be a lack of music at times. However the music in the game is very nice, and suits the mood.

Value: There is a survivor challenge that will be quite challenging and will have you addicted trying to complete it. Overall a fun game. Makes dying enjoyable. Could have been a bit longer, but it is an arcade game after all. I say its a must-buy for any Prince of Persia fans :)

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