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An Enchanting Platformer-

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a remarkable and enchanting game. It combined fluid visuals with engrossing storytelling and stellar level design to form a unique standard of game that is rarely achieved.
The plot of the game follows the titular Prince of Persia, who is manipulated into unleashing the Sands of time which turn everyone in the palace the game is set in into horrible Sand Demons. The only exceptions to this horrible fate are Farah and the Vizer.  The Vizer is the games Antagonist, whilst Farah is the Princes companion. She and the Prince both are unique in that they talk back and forth as the game goes on, and actually do what few game characters can. They act human.
With the legendary dagger of time in hand, The Prince and Farah set off to undo the damage that was done.   

 The core gameplay has you controlling The prince and performing all manner of incredible acrobatic feats. The games easy to grasp control scheme and excellent learning curve allows the player to start out good, but eventually become brilliant at the platforming.  Part of the reason the platforming is so great is due to the games superb level design, in which each room is a puzzle that can be solved with the correct application of the Princes acrobatic prowess. 
One of the unique features of the game is the Princes ability to use the sands of time contained within the dagger of time.
The primary use of the dagger allows the Prince of rewind time to undo mistakes the player makes in both Platforming and combat. Several other Abilities are unlocked as the game goes on but this core ability is the most useful.

Accompanying this is excellent platforming is the games combat, which while it lacks depth is still a blast. The issue with the combat lies in that enemies don't have traditional health bars, you have to knock them down using a certain combo move(This changes for each enemy type) and then finish them off with the dagger of time. This can be occasionally frustrating but for the most part the combat is solid fun.

The visuals of the game look dated initially but actually present a surprising amount of detail and help the game create a unique atmosphere of enchantment.   Another element that helps create this atmosphere of enchantment is the Soundtrack which is very context appropriate and of a very high standard.
Prince of Persia :The Sands of Time is a fantastic and enchanting platformer that combines solid gameplay with a brilliant story and characters that are a grade above most other games.

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Posted by mylifeforAiur

Glad to see you enjoyed the game. I am personally a huge fan of the original trilogy. Great review!!

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