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Great Franchise, Great Series, Good Game. 0

You may notice from my title that I hold The Prince of Persia franchise and The Sands of Time series in high regard. That being said, this game does not quite live up to that. In the first game of the series, The Sands of Time, Ubisoft introduced you to the ability to control time and the epic platforming that ensued. Then, in The Warrior Within, they sacrificed a good chunk of the time spent platforming to add a vastly superior fighting system. What each game lacked in one place it more than ma...

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Great action platformer with a lot of solid game-play to offer. 0

Prince of Persia. Yes, yes; If you like action platformers you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try it out. What's good: They kept the core game-play loyal to the original PoP. The game-play itself it fun, and that's what's the most important to me. Lots of acrobatic moves to pull off. Considering all the different moves and actions mapped to various buttons, they did a pretty good job of keeping the controls tight, although there is the occasional stumble. The environments look g...

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A fantastic end to an EPIC trilogy- 0

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is both sequel to Warrior Within and The end of the Sands of Time Trilogy. It combined the unique storytelling and character elements and enviroments that made Sands of Time great with the standout combat of Warrior Within.  The story continues from the secret ending of Warrior Within, in which The Prince and Kaileena are both able to change their fates and kill the Dahaka they then return to Babylon to find the city in flames.  The Princes actions have altered ...

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Not a worthy SoT successor, but still good 0

After Warrior Within Two Thrones however was a pleasant supprise. It is still nowhere near as good as Sands of Time, but it actually is a good game on its own. The level design is back to being linear and the map screen is gone. The game actually feels a little to linear at times, since often your path is predetermined by a number of 'jump-spots', leaving little room for exploration, but thats still better then the other end of the spectrum. Unlike Warrior Within it actually features a proper st...

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the best game in an awesome franchise 0

The Sands of Time was a great action game with clever puzzles and an intriguing time manipulation mechanic, although it was a bit short. Warrior Within, the sequel, also delivered on the clever puzzles and mechanics, but the darker tone of the game was a big turn off for many, and the game seemed to drag on forever.The third game in the Sands of Time trilogy, The Two Thrones, finally matches and exceeds the original game. The tone of the game is returned to it's fairytale-like status, stealth ki...

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Your Mileage May Vary 0

Dear god, what happened here? Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was game of the year. It was beautiful, it was entertaining, and it was so engrossing I have played through it more than a dozen times and had nearly as much fun on every pass after the first one. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, however...well. Let's just say I didn't play it for very long. Combat heavy, an emo prince and mediocre graphics made it a bad game no matter how you looked at it. Needless to say I wasn't the only one u...

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A satisfying conclusion to an excellent series of games. 0

The ShortPros- Still the same extremely solid platforming from the first two games of the series- Setting of the ruined city of Babylon is unique and makes for some fun areas to traverse- "Dark" tone from Warrior Within has been diminished substantially. Thank goodness.- Mixes things up with the "Dark Prince" gameplay segments and combat- "Quick kills" are a great idea for this series, focusing on platforming and quick reflexes- Music is back to its awesome Persian-sounding roots- Provides decen...

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The Two Thrones gets Price of Persia back on track 0

You have to love it when a developer listens to their fans. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was an unmitigated success, and stands tall as one of the greatest games in recent years. Unfortunately, Ubisoft tinkered with the franchise a bit too much in their sequel, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. By taking the series in that dark direction, full of decapitations, trash talk, and heavy riffing guitars, the players' perception of the Prince changed, and not for the better.The Two Thrones pick...

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OVERVIEW:The prince of persia franchise has born decades and decades.Aafter the original prince of persia created by Jordan Mechner it was obsious that this series has a future.After years of succesful titles of the noblous prince ubisoft deside to reborn the series to it's routs with the help by Jordan Mechner.Whenthe prince of persia the sands of time came out back in 2003  was a diamond for the series because had awesome platforming and that the series is all about,a nice combat system and th...

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