derelict's Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (PlayStation 2) review

Great action platformer with a lot of solid game-play to offer.

Prince of Persia. Yes, yes; If you like action platformers you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try it out.

What's good:
They kept the core game-play loyal to the original PoP. The game-play itself it fun, and that's what's the most important to me.
Lots of acrobatic moves to pull off. Considering all the different moves and actions mapped to various buttons, they did a pretty good job of keeping the controls tight, although there is the occasional stumble.
The environments look great. There was a lot of detail put into the environments, and you can feel the effort into making it look like an abandoned city. Of course, because your adventure takes place in a fairly localized area the playing fields don't really differ in appearances very much from level to level.
The voice acting is well done in all aspects, and the accompanying script is one to be proud of.
The boss battles. I don't like when games ramp up difficulty level in a game during the boss battles to the point where game play is off balance, and you almost feel like you're playing a completely different game. PoP:TTT does not do this thankfully. They keep the boss battles interesting, and it's not that they're terribly easy, but they don't come at you with a tenacity to make you frustrated. Although I do feel bad for anyone who takes on the final 2 bosses without having found the life upgrades along the way.
I've seen some people say that the game was too short but I did not think so. By the end, there really wasn't a whole not of new tricks being thrown at you, and you've done all the cool moves several times. I mean, how many times can you jump from a wall shutter to a dagger plate before it gets old? For the me the game was an ideal length.
Sand Powers. They're pretty cool, and very helpful. Sometimes in games I find that the special powers they give you to you tend to need to be saved up for the end of the level, or used sparingly. PoP lets you used them often, replenish them frequently, and really make them part of your regular arsenal. Powers include the ability to rewind time, slow down time, and one where you can take out a large group of enemies (with an upgrade available).
Speed kills. If you can sneak up on an enemy, you'll have the option to go into a sequence that (if timed properly) will allow you to take out the adversary without giving them a chance to fight back. I've also seen where you can take out 2 within the same sequence. I found them tricky at first, but very effective once you get the hang of them.
Last point to mention: I really liked the ending.

What could have been better.
I don't really like playing as the Dark Prince. The reason being that when you play as him you're constantly losing health. To me, this makes playing as him feel like a timed mission, and I hate timed missions. Luckily he doesn't take up too much of the game-play.
Save points are inconsistent. This can be frustrating. Sometimes I find myself saving, then being able to save again after I run down just a couple halls of traps. This is good. Other times the stretches in between saves are long and even illogical. For example: I complete a chariot race, watch a short segway scene, fight through a mini-boss battle, watch another segway scene, watch a complete fully rendered cut scene, start another level where I have to fight off a group of enemies and at no time was there a save point.
There were a few glitches (sound not working during cut scenes, the occasional freeze) and the camera isn't perfect. These things can often be dismissed quickly by me as I understand that not every game can be flawless.
The fight with the Vizier. It just seemed totally off balance with the rest of the game. Get the to the 3rd round, you have figure out where to jump to next, but stand still for 2 seconds and get with with invisible fire, now you have to start all over because there's no continue points... geeze.

A great title with lots of action and unconventional platforming, mixed with the odd switch puzzle, chariot race, and even a ride on a monsters back to keep things interesting.


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