librariangmr's Prince of Persia Trilogy (PlayStation 3) review


Hey folks,

Initially, I was thrilled that the PS2 era Prince of Persia games were getting the HD treatment. That is, until I actually played the thing. I don't know who was in charge of putting this product together, but we're talking about a really shoddy job here.

The game's audio is fucked and whenever someone talks, it sounds like someone held a microphone far away from the screen while playing the game in an auditorium. I figured this might have been an issue with just Sands of Time, but Warrior Within had the same problem. But then again, Warrior Within already had problems to begin with. The games look a little bit better now that the textures have been uprezzed, but - again - Warrior Within still looks like an ugly mess, especially considering how pretty Sands of Time was (which holds up well without uprezzing). Speaking of Sands of Time, the remastered version is buggy as all hell, which is sad because it ran beautifully on the Playstation 2. At one point, the game flipped out and kept trying to switch camera angles until it broke and took me to the game over screen.

Do yourself a favor: Skip this garbage. Stick to the original PS2 games. That said, don't bother playing through Warrior Within or Two Thrones. In fact, let's forget those two games ever happened, okay?


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