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Not quite perfect but a good sequel to Sands of Time.

In short

Very detailed, and in some places, varied, despite the large amount of grey and brown shades used. - 4/5
Contains a variety of music, which isn't bad, and is mainly a more rock oriented soundtrack than the first game. - 4/5
Greatly improved combat, but still filled with platforming oriented puzzles like the first one. However, the difficulty curve can skyrocket at times (particularly during the Dahaka chase sections) and the camera isn't great either - 4/5
Replay Value
A large game, with many hours of gameplay and a few extras. Definitely fun to replay. - 4.5/5
The Prince has changed a lot in this sequel. Its like hes become angrier, has attempted to be more badass and is a lot darker in this game than he was in Sands of Time. Not the best change to the Prince. - 2.5/5

My detailed opinion on Warrior Within

I think that Warrior Within has been underrated for its sudden shift to a darker setting, and its larger focus on combat. The combat in Sands of Time was one of the biggest disappointments about that game, but Warrior Within definitely fixes it by adding more moves, and a larger variety of weapons, as opposed to just the Dagger of Time which the Prince used in the first game. The Prince can now Dual Wield in this, and can wield most weapons that an enemy drops as an offhand weapon. The combat is definitely more interesting than its predecessor.

The graphics are also superior too, with many areas in the game looking extremely detailed.

As for the storyline shift, the darker Prince hasn't been the best decision to change the game, but it does fit somewhat well into the storyline. The Prince is being chased after the Dahaka because he was responsible for opening the Sands of Time in the first place. He is chased onto an island where the Sands were first created, and manages to travel back to the past. As a result, the Prince decides to try and prevent the Sands from being created.

The darker view of the Prince wasn't a bad design choice, but it has changed how he is portrayed when compared to Sands of Time. Now the Prince is more violent, and angrier, and this somewhat fits into the storyline and gameplay.

The gameplay can be very difficult in some sections (e.g. the Dahaka chase sections where it took me many attempts to finally manage to get away from him.) but the difficulty is usually quite manageable. The time powers that the Prince had in the first game make a return and allow the Prince to manipulate time, which does reduce the difficulty level a bit. Sometimes, camera angles can get in your way, but this doesn't make the game much worse, as it doesn't happen all the time, and its often possible to get through the game without the camera being too annoying.

Therefore, Warrior Within is a good game, which has surpassed Sands of Time in some ways (e.g. combat, graphics), but not in others (e.g. storyline)
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