Steam Sale: Prince of Persia 66% Off, 75% Off the Whole Pack

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It's part of Ubisoft week on Steam (in conjunction with Steam's full admission that they're never not going to have a sale now) and it starts off with Prince of Persia.

These prices are kinda nuts right now, especially the whole series for $15.  However I always seemed to enjoy Prince of Persia from afar, especially after seeing the first get played all the way through.  As a result I don't feel compelled to play through the original trilogy of games and I'm okay with that.  But what about the 2008 reboot Forgotten Sands?  Between the last two games to come out, which is better?  What did you enjoy more?  I'm struggling to figure it out for myself because all these games are in my price range but I don't want to add more games to my already long list that feel like those PS2 games.

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