Debug Menu/Cheats in DLC

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I was playing around in the dlc and somehow I unlocked a menu where you could go in and set the "corruption value" to "healed" (no corruption or slimes), "corruption 1" which was the default, and "corruption 2" which I didn't see any difference in.  There were also two more sub-menus which it wouldn't let me access.  All three menus were just labeled "Option" and were located under "Quit to Main Menu" in the pause menu.  I can't get to it anymore but I know that I was able to use it even after quitting and loading before.  Has anyone else come across this?  Either way, something for people to look out for...

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Quick, send this link to Kotaku, they might put the story up in a week and a half.

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Kind of unfortunate you were not able to record it.

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