How it should have been?

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I must admit, I enjoyed this game's platforming, especially with the addition of the claw-hand-thing; but aside from bosses, there seems to be a major shortage of swordplay.  Was this the right way to go? Or should it have been different?  I can't help but have a nagging little feeling that the parts of the series I've played  haven't really been on par with the standards set by Sands of Time.  Warrior Within said goodbye to the Prince's entertaining wit in favor of a more (honestly, now) emo-looking and angry man; though I didn't get to play the Two Thrones, which may have remedied this.  Personally, I await a new PoP that has all the good qualities of Sands of Time and some interesting new stuff thrown in.  What do you all think of the new PoP? What would you want in the next one, if a sequel was made?

#2 Posted by trophyhunter (6039 posts) -

I liked the new best

#3 Posted by eclipsesis (1253 posts) -

i'd like it with a ending that i didn't have to pay for

#4 Posted by pissedoffthewitch (571 posts) -

Movie looks silly

#5 Posted by LiquidPrince (16513 posts) -

I loved the whole game. But I'd never say more to a better thing. If they could add more fighting and swordplay while keeping it in the same mood, I'd be down.

#6 Posted by jahosaki (6 posts) -

I agree; but I found the Prince in this one to be a little...well, lame, you know?  I think that kinda detracts from his character depth though, which is sort of important in PoP.  But then, that's just me.

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