I like this game, but really, even my 5 year old brother beat it.

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So I go into the store and I'm stoked to buy the new Prince of Persia game. I remember playing the original trilogy for the PS2 and I was aching to buy the new one.
I get home, pop in the disc and shut off my phone. It's on, baby.
I start playing and kinda feel this Prince dude is a bit of a douche. Cheesy one-liners start spewing from his mouth, and he's sporting the ever present Dreamworks-smile. 
I forgive that, and just keep playing. I mean, the art style of nice to look at and everything looks just right.  Suddenly, I make a wrong jump and I die, or so I think. This broad comes down
and swoops me up. " Ok, that can't be right. Maybe there's a charge to it like The Dagger in the first game.". I fall again on purpose and see the same thing happen.
I go Will Smith for a second.  AW HELL NAW.
I mean, why did they fuck up this game so badly? Are they targetting 7 year old players? I weep for the Prince. Hopefully the second massively changes the formula or else I'm not going to buy it.

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It essentially replaces the checkpoint save.  I rather enjoyed it, it was pretty seamless with no loading and got you back into the action.  Now the fact that there were so many "checkpoints" does make the game seem less difficult because you never find yourself re-doing something that took you 5+ minutes to accomplish only to mess up at the very end.  On the other hand it saves a lot of frustration.

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It's not like the old games were hard either, just occasionally frustrating having to redo a section. I really don't see what the big deal is.

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The new one will be nothing like it

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I liked the 2008 Prince of Persia game, but would only recommend it to a friend as a rental, because there really is no playability. The story is only alright, and yeah, the gameplay is pretty easy. But it's got a real nice flow to it, and the art style is unique and pleasant.

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