Recommendations for a similar game.

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I really did enjoy prince of persia, like, more then I thought I would, I was just wondering if there are similar games to it, in terms of gameplay, that I might enjoy too. 

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god of war? im not too sure

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@Ryax: I`ve been meaning to get the third one, my playstation has been on leave for the past year or so, as in, I need a new one cause my old one ain`t working. Do intend to pick that up. 
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@buzz_clik: I was talking about the last one, cell shaded and everything. 
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@theMockingNoob: just beat the third one. the "puzzle" (i use that word loosely) was pretty simple but it was a fun game. well worth it
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I'm assuming you've played Sands of Time, so I'm gonna recommend inFAMOUS. That might seem weird, but like Prince of Persia, it blends platforming with combat.

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I loved the 2008 reboot too! I rented it from Blockbuster cause I thought it looked alright and I fell in love with it. I think I would have married it and lived with it for all eternity if it weren't for the inevitable compounding late fees that would have caused.
I REALLY need to go buy it, been wanting to for a while.
Anyways, if you never played the earlier Prince of Persia Sands of Time and the two that followed, play those. Pretty similar and a lot of fun.

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