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Alright so a couple months ago I picked up the forgotten sands. I played through the game and really was pleasantly surprised with how much I actually enjoyed it. It brought back memories of the sands of time and how much I loved that game when it came out. I'm broke as fuck right now but I wanted to play something other than mk. Don't get me wrong I love mk but I have played so much of it that I think I need to take a break. So I decided to go to my local gamestop and check out what's in the ol bargain bin. I stumbled across prince of persia for 15 bucks so decided to pick it up. It's the cel shaded one from 2008 or 2009 or whenever it came out. Brad gave it 4 stars so figured it would be worth it. I am currently playing through the opening of the game and I think I may have made a mistake here. Did I? Am I dumb or smart?
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I personally loved that game, it was adventurous and some of the game play aspects was cool:
The light seed thing was a love/hate thing for me, though my friends stopped playing that game for the light seed reason alone.

I really don't think you made a mistake, the combat is fair, the climbing are fun imo.
The story is also descent by my standards.

Very hard for me to judge if you made a mistake, play a bit more of it, it is only about 10 hours long (depending on how fast you are).
Which version did you get? If 360, go for the achievements, they are rather fun. Getting saved less then 100 times by the girl is quite hard, so is the "longest combo" achievement.

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