Will Ubisoft ever make a sequel to this?

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I really enjoyed this game and it's story and characters and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about a sequel to this? Do you think they will do one?

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#3 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2150 posts) -
@joey: Not the game I'm talking about...
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#4 Posted by FreakAche (3049 posts) -
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Hopefully next year since they said there wont be an Assassins creed 3 till 2012, though AC is now firmly their flagship franchise so who knows how much effort they even care anymore

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Cant imagine a reboot will happen any time soon 
the movie performed poorly critically and commercially compared to their expectations and the game released alongside it though not connected didnt fair much better 
and as slayer22 points out assassins creed is their main focus for free-running franchises so i cant imagine they'll want to touch this for a while 
i still think they could make a decent sequel to the 2008 game, i enjoyed it from a visual point of view but the gameplay wasnt great, very repetitive, but if they made it more like assassins creed with the art direction similar to the 2008 reboot it could be an exciting game

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I can't remember where i read this but, a Ubi dev said that the tie in game to the movie was a one time things, and that there is another team working on the sequel to PoP 2008

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Felt inclined to give this thread a shot in the arm. I really loved this game and I know that it was pretty polarizing in the gaming community. Based upon the fact that we are basically 3 years removed from any mention of this game, should we assume it's done? The epilogue definitely left it open for a sequel, but it seems like hope for sequel is all but gone, which is a shame. It's truly a beautiful game and I wish more people had gotten through it to see that.

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#9 Posted by Brendan (8989 posts) -

God I want a sequel so badly, I loved that game even with it's dialed down difficulty.

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