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Boring, repetitive, and has awful writing. Skip it.

 I didn't play the Sands of Time trilogy so this is really my first ever Prince of Persia game so all I knew going into it was that it was an open-world platformer that was quite easy. And even with those low expectations going in, I was disappointed.
Firstly, the writing. Both the writing and the voice acting make it feel like it was written by the same kind of person who wrote Friends. It's cliched, annoying, and not funny. I ended up just turning the sound straight down and listening to my own music because of how much it annoyed me.
The actual gameplay looks good, but doesn't require much user input and gets very repetitive in the later levels. Essentially, you just run and then jump on walls and then grab onto things. I won't say it's easy because of the death mechanic (or lack thereof) but I will say it's easy because it seems to be designed for seven year-olds. Everything is so simple it just gets boring. and since you usually have to backtrack to get to the next level, it just starts to really frustrate. 
So, since it's an open world game, you can basically go at it any order you want. But that also means there's no difficulty curve so it's just a walk down easy street through the whole game. Your quest is to rid the world of evil black gooey stuff by getting to a certain point in a level, beating a boss, and then repeatedly press Y until everything is colorful again. Once you restore goodness to a certain part of the map a bunch of light orbs appear, and this is where the backtracking is. You need a certain amount of these to get to the next levels so you must go back and collect a very high percentage of these things (which really breaks pace). It's an arbitrary game-lengthening mechanic that just made me want to put it down.
One thing this game has going for it is it looks nice. The worlds really look colorful and all your acrobatic moves look cool. 
I definitely do not recommend buying this game. Maybe rent it, but I wouldn't even suggest that either because I rented it and it just wasn't enough. If you want to relax, listen to some music and watch a dude do cool stunts, try it out. If you're looking for an actual game, skip it.  

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