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Sleek presentation doesn't make this game any less boring.

If this newest installment is any indication, it seems the Prince of Persia series has taken a dive.

Quite simply, this game is boring. It's very hard to enjoy a game that holds your hand the entire way through. You basically can't die. This would actually not be a problem, had the platforming not been so repetitive. I don't know how many times one can run across a wall, or jump on a pole, without it getting tired. The PS2 / Xbox PoP games at least mixed it up a little. This game does not. At least it looks cool when you're doing it.

The combat, unfortunately, is just as boring and repetitive. There are about 5 enemies in the game that you fight over and over. Sound fun?

The gameplay is also repetitive (I really like that word). You enter a graphically ugly looking area. Fight a boring enemy, and make the area look less ugly. Now you have to replay the entire area, except there is more green in it this time! You do this about 24 times. You do this by hitting one of four buttons, while you let the game play out for you. Oh, but it's all okay, because the game looks pretty.

You don't really need to buy this game, or play it... it pretty much plays itself.

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