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Play with Prince and his girlfriend in a boring amusement park

This new Prince of Persia isn't like its predecessors in a lot of different ways. The bigest problem that i found in it, especially compared to another modern platformers like Tomb Raider and the older games of the franchise is the lack of environmental puzzles and how absurd the level design was. It also fatures a different art style.

In previous games you had to try to figure out a way to proceed in some spots and some ability with the controls was required. Any mistake made could be corrected with the time powers. In this new game you never have to think, ever, everything is clear about where you should go to. It's almost as the game was triying to teach you how to play this kind of game instead of offering you an honest challenge. For instance, in older games, the levels were based in castles, prisons and dungeons that somehow were falling apart, had naturally cracks on walls, columns that sustained beams and floors and other things that if din't look realistic, at least tryed to, and provided something for the prince to do his parkour stuff. These new levels are extremely easy and dont make any sense at all, not even with Elika telling you how they were created. They're just obstacles that seemed to be randomly put there as in some sort of amusement theme park for the prince and Elika to play instead of offering real danger.

The art style, although being undoubtedly pretty, makes the prince look more like a circus artist (like in cirque du solei) than an actual warrior.

The entire experience would have been a complete waste of time if it wasn't for the ending which, although simple, was interesting, interactive and romantic. But it didn't change the fact that this game felt like a way for Ubisoft to make more money out of the sands of time formula.

Heron Noleto
P.S. Forgive my english, I am from Brazil.

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