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Prince Of Persia - Review

When I heard that Prince Of Persia was coming to next gen gaming consoles, I was thrilled. It brought back memories of the many fun filled hours spent playing Sands of Time on the original xbox. You can rest easy, the new Prince Of Persia is a return to form.

The game is built on a refined Assassin's creed engine and is a joy to play from start to finish. From the stunning visuals to a very unique art style, you will be impressed with how the game looks and plays.

The story involves you the prince along with a princess named Elika on a mission to save the world from the apocalypse. It may seem far fetched but it isn't and the relationship between the 2 main characters of the game is very interesting. Elika is one of the most memorable AI companion character in a video game in recent memory.

Some might ague the fact that the game is too easy, I found that the gameplay was as natural and as beautiful as the world itself. The game is not short, it will take most gamers just on 12 hours to complete. Let me also state that this game has a brilliant ending and overall I put this in my top 5 games of 2008.

I am a big fan of the platforming genre and am pleased that the new Prince of Persia oozes platforming. Grab this over the xmas period, you will not regret it.

Gameplay = 7.8
Visuals = 9.2
Sound = 7.7
Game Now Score = 8.2/10

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