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Prince Reikan is a reoccurring character and optional party member from Saiyuki: Journey West. He's in an arranged marriage with Shu Ryorin, a dragon princess, and pursues her throughout the second chapter of the game. Reikan is self-centered and self-assured, letting no one talk him out of his goals. He's in love with Ryorin, and absolutely convinced that she's in love with him no matter how many times she tells him to go away.
Recruiting him requires some backtracking through Mt. Cloud where he ambushes Sanzo's party. After defeating him, he'll question Ryorin's relationship with Sanzo. Ryorin will whip up a quick lie on the spot. Refuse to play along, and Reikan will join up later on.


Reikan is aligned with the element of water and is very close to Gojo with abilities. He can recover life by standing in water and starts with a few ice based attacks. His weapon is a spear, and properly upgraded, allows him to attack up to three squares away. His transformation is Mad Turtle and increases the range on his spells.

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