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Prisoner 2 is a first-person adventure and puzzle game that was available on the Atari, Apple, and PC Jr. systems.  Loosely based on The Prisoner, a surreal British television series from the 1960s, the game follows the tribulations of an unnamed protagonist who has found himself on "The Island", a kind of prison/experimental facility full of strange buildings.  Some of the buildings contained mazes, while others contained mini-games like Hangman.
The nature of the game is highly psychological.  It is possible for buildings, rooms, and items to move or vanish.  The computer often tries to trick the player or force them to reveal information that will end the game.  If the player attempts to escape The Island,  they will be, as in the television series, pursued by a giant sentient ball-like creature that will try to capture players by eating them.
The game gives little in-system help or direction; it is up to the player to figure out the rules of each location and unlock their secrets.

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