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The classes of Priston Tale are split by two factions; Morion and Tempskron. The difference between these two are starting location and class availability and each class is tied to a specific gender that cannot be changed.



Mechanician (Male) : The main tank class in the game primarily wielding claw weapons and shields.

Fighter (Male): The class best excelling in close proximity battles dealing huge damage albeit with slower attack speed.

Pikeman (Male): The spear/pike wielding class that has the longest range of all melee classes with a higher critical hit ratio.

Archer (Female): A long range damage dealer that can be accompanied by a falcon which periodically attacks the target for additional damage.



Knight (Male): The "Paladin" class of the game who specialized in holy attacks primarily giving damage bonuses to the undead.

Atalanta (Female): The class with a mix of melee and range abilities with use of spears or javelins accompanied by shields.

Priestess (Female): The only healing class in the game and the most physically weakest, using various magic spells such as Divine Lightning to defeat enemies.

Magician (Male): The only pure spell-casting class in the game using various elements such as fireball and summoning elementals to do his bidding.

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