Pro vs.FIFA

#1 Posted by MattBosten (497 posts) -

Anyone think Pro can overturn the advancements FIFA has made (Particularly in 2010)? I'm thinking this might be the year I move over to FIFA, Pro needs to step up for me.

#2 Posted by sharma55 (455 posts) -

I've been primarily a FIFA gamer since 05 or so though I admit Pro had been better a lot of times but since 08 FIFA's clearly been the better game, Pro's got some improvements this year but I still feel like FIFA is going to be the better game. I'd suggest you wait for demos to make a decision though, FIFA is September 15th on PS3 and 16th on other platforms.

#3 Posted by Rapture (265 posts) -

I think Pro Evo has made some good progress this time, but I don't think it can dethrone FIFA 11 this year. But  in the next few years time who knows.

#4 Posted by Hairydutchman (1040 posts) -

Fifa will stay the king, but I'm feeling a FIFatigue so I will go with PES this year.

#5 Posted by Droop (1917 posts) -

I've not liked PES since 7. FIFA11 looks really amazing, and PES2011 looks kinda funky ;o

#6 Posted by 9cupsoftea (651 posts) -

Only the demos will tell. I hope so though, that one time fifa online code makes me not want to buy it.

#7 Posted by RampageAssassin (427 posts) -

FIFA again this year but PES 2011 is probably the best PES since coming to the current consoles. Maybe a few more years and the tides could turn.

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