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Dump Matsumoto is a tag-team wrestling game developed and released by Sega, for the Sega System 16 arcade system and the Sega Master System (SMS) console, both versions of which are known outside Japan as Body Slam and Pro Wrestling, respectively. While the latter shares a name with the Nintendo-developed release Pro Wrestling for the NES, the games are entirely unrelated.

Players choose from one of four tag-teams and face the other three teams repeatedly, ten falls at a time. After winning ten matches against a team, the game advances to the next team.

The original arcade version allowed players to form custom duos composed of two members from each faction. Both the arcade and SMS versions were originally released in Japan as a celebrity tie-in for the Japanese female wrestler Dump Matsumoto.

Tag Teams

  • Mad Soldiers
  • Orient Express
  • Great Maskmen
  • Crush Brothers

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