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A True Gentleman Would Love This Game 0

 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box takes just about everything the first game did well, and does it better. Level-5 has added a more pronounced storyline, more voice acting, more cutscenes and a few interesting mini games to boot. It's hard to ask for much more in a sequel, and indeed, fans of Professor Layton will find little reason not to play this game. Some of the puzzles fall flat, and the increased emphasis on plot can be a little dubious at times, but Diabolical Box is a great DS ga...

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Some improvements and some drawbacks... 0

Professor Layton and his peppy sidekick Luke are back in their 2nd grand adventure for the Nintendo DS.  This time they’re hot on the trail of the Elysian Box, an ornamental artifact said to (gulp) kill anyone who dares open it.  The Professor gets a letter from an old colleague about the box and, sensing something is amiss, he and Luke soon discover the old man’s body – with the Elysian Box nowhere to be found.  The letter included a mysterious ticket (destination unknown) aboard the Mol...

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A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved 0

It's no secret that Professor Layton and the Curious Village was one of my favorite games released last year, so it's only natural that I was excited to see what the good professor would bring to the table this time around. Fortunately, Layton's second outing is just as seamlessly charming as his first, making Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box a solid choice for fans of the original. Everything that made The Curious Village so fun is present and accounted for in The Diabolical Box. The sam...

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Bad Reviewer: Prof Layton likes fiddling with Box. 0

There is a 'so-called" professor who solves mysteries with his "so called" apprentice.  One.   What is he a professor of ?  Why isn't he teaching or at least towing around a sexy grad student chick? Again, why aren't you impressing a woman (or at least an adult man)  instead of a boy?  Brings us to point  Two. What is the deal with this kid? Where are your parents?   Why do you look like you are always on the verge of tears?What are you doing with a Dandy in a top hat?    Something is wrong with...

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And now, to test my theory... 0

The game stays true to it's parts, yet it brings another exciting story and more puzzles to the table that will satisfy, to say the least. Last year, Professor Layton and the Curious Village was impressive, to say the least, and definitely won my approval. So what should we expect but a sequel as great? Nothing more, and if that's what you were hoping for, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will not disappoint.  The story is simple. There is something called the Elysian Box, rumored to caus...

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More of the same Layton goodness, but not any worse for it 0

Professor Layton & Pandora’s Box (or the Diabolical Box depending on which region you’re playing the game in) is the second instalment in the DS puzzle-collection franchise. After the death of a friend appears to have been linked to the age-old box, Layton and his young apprentice Luke set out to uncover the mystery behind it by exploring the neighbouring areas and consulting the locals. While Pandora’s Box technically doesn’t do too much to set it apart from its predecessor, for those fans...

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Algorithms Course: The Game 0

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the second game in the Professor Layton series developed Level 5.  It follows the archeologist and his protoge Luke on a mystery of the Elysian Box.  The game plays much like the first one in the series with a great engaging plot and some quality puzzles to solve.   Professor Layton mentor has died after opening the Elysian Box, a box that is said to kill someone when anyone opens it, and he has sent Professor Layton a letter stating to continue his jou...

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A true gentleman would at least think about getting this game. 0

It’s kind of nice Professor Layton and the Diabolical box took so long to reach North American shores. A series that revolves around solving all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles can get exhausting and if Diabolical Box arrived just a few months after the original’s release, I probably wouldn’t have been looking forward to it. So, after 1.5 years of mental refreshing, it’s just about time to dive into another Professor Layton game and Diabolical Box is more than just par the course. It sticks w...

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Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box 0

The second game in the Professor Layton Series and it is, believe it or not, different than the first game in somewhat small ways. But make a big difference. Has this game put our professor up a notch on the awesome hat scale. Or is he puzzled by our new "hip" standards?   Story When the professor gets a note from his mentor that he has a lead on the mysterious "Diabolical Box" the professor and Luke immediatly drive over to his quarters. After solving a clever puzzle laid out by the sensei(we'l...

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The Diabolical Review 0

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is one of the few games that keeps it’s secrets close to the vest. The player never truly knows the whole story until the very end of the wonderful tale. Diabolical Box is the second game in the Professor Layton saga, and it takes many aspects of the first game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and improves upon them greatly.The Molentary ExpressThe biggest change to the gameplay comes in the form of the new Memo function, which overlays a clear l...

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Layton and his assistant are back with new mysteries and puzzles. 0

 The Nintendo DS is infested with puzzle games, but in my opinion only a handful of them is quite as interesting as the Professor Layton series. It mixes well thought-out puzzles with a story that's light but still with the right dose of depth. The characters are charismatic and fit the purpose of the game. This is the second game of the series released in English language and the follow-up to Professor Layton and the Curious Village, released in 2008.To tell the truth, this game is pretty much ...

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Another fun outing for the Professor and Luke 0

The Professor and Luke are back again to unravel the mysteries of Pandora’s Box and a train full of crazy characters. Like the previous game in the series the puzzles range from the very easy to the fiendishly hard. In this second outing the puzzles are much better integrated into the main story and its events. With three more Layton games bound for Europe, we can look forward to many more years of intriguing stories and addictive puzzles.    ...

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Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review 0

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the second in the Professor Layton series. This DS game is know for its puzzles, and does it with a twist of mystery. You'll be playing as Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke, as you solve puzzle after puzzle. This time around you're trying to solve the mystery of a box that once open seems to kill any close to it. You'll be traveling through strange towns, and on a very special train. You'll also get the chance to meet a friend that you made from ...

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It's "more of the same" in the best way possible. 0

MYSTERIOUS! Professor Layton is a gentleman's man. He's a modern day Sherlock Holmes (no wait, they just did that...) He's like a modern day Sherlock Holmes with less explosions and crazy. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, like the titular character, exudes charm as it matches wits with you in the form of brainteasers and riddles. It may be more of the same, but the way the Layton series operates, that's everything anybody could want from a sequel. Diabolical Box finds the clever professo...

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