Never played a Professor Layton Game, but very interested.

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So I've always been somewhat interested in Professor Layton games, but I just assumed it wasn't a game for me (being puzzle based). However, a few months ago I bought Picross 3D and was really intrigued by it, and found it a great time killer for when I'm travelling. Now that Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is out I'm starting to think that I may actually enjoy this type of game (especially after watching the Quick Look). My question is, should I start from the very beginning of the series, or just jump right into the new title? Oh, also, I was so interested by the series I watched the whole story of the first game on Youtube. Will the puzzles themselves still be enough if you recommend I buy the first?

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I would start from the beginning since there are some recurring characters and sometimes there are references in the second game to the first one. Plus they're very enjoyable and great time killers. And I love the fact that basically the game revolves around solving puzzles and yet manages to have a very entertaining and kind of whacky story which always has a nice ending. I cannot recommend this series enough!

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It does seem like a cool game, something simple and enjoyable. I feel like it would actually work well on the iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch and just have the story with the puzzles and have it all in short bits being able to save whenever. The story with the puzzle I feel is a really cool thing

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I definitely recommend getting into Professor Layton, although if you watched the entire story of the first game on youtube then you might want to start with the second game rather than the first (unless the puzzles are the big draw for you, in which case have at the first game as well). 

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I'm glad i read this, because I was definitely about to go out and buy the unwound future today while skipping the first two games. Thanks!

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