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 Starter Pokemon from Sinnoh
Professor Rowan is an old friend of Professor Oak, he is a native of Sandgem Town that is located in the Sinnoh region. He is 60 years old and it made its first appearance in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl giving the trainer his/hers initial Pokemon that could be Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup
He has a stern personality that makes him seem intimidating and mean, but he is actually he is very kind and patient. 
 Professor Rowan on the Anime
Rowan's particular field of study is Pokemon evolution, having discovered that 90% of all the Pokemon are connected somehow to other through evolution. He is interested in determining if evolution is supposed to be a form a Pokemon reaching maturity, or a way for an "incomplete" becoming "more complete", and the implication that the proses has on Legendary Pokemon that do not evolve.  

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