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Old War

Long before he became a professor, Von Kriplespac was the general of the Tediz army during the Old War. He served as the Tediz' commander for many years, but his last battle in uniform took place at Beach Dead (a Tediz fortress just off the coast of Windy). The SHC had just departed from their landers on the beach shore, and charged relentlessly into the Tediz base where Von Kriplespac resided. Kriplespac was planning to launch a missile into a SHC carrier ship, but more time was needed so he called upon his Tediz army to keep the SHC at bay. This time was not granted, and the SHC eventually breached into Kriplespac's area. After being fired at by SHC forces, Kripplespac was maimed from the waist down.

After developing an anti-gravity chair (which would allow him to move without his legs), Kriplespac was ready to lead the Tediz army once again. The next battle between the Tediz and SHC took place at Fortress Deux, an abandoned prison with an atmosphere not much unlike Berlin, Germany. When the fight became a stalemate, Kriplespac believed the best course of action would be to demoralize the enemy by stealing the enemy flag. Due to the nature of Live & Reloaded's campaign, it's unknown whether the Tediz won or lost this battle.

The final stretch of the Old War took place at Castle Von Tedistein, where the Tediz were planning to activate Kriplespac's latest invention, "The Machine." Ironically, the Tediz forgot to bring the batteries, which meant they would have to power up the generator manually. The SHC was at the entrance of the Castle to prevent this from happening. Using the Castle's cable cars to their advantage, the SHC attempted to overload "The Machine" and destroy it.

In the Tediz Victory animation of Castle Von Tedistein, the first "Machine Tedi" is born from the machine. This implies the Tediz won this battle, as the Machine Tediz play a major role in the Future War.

Bad Fur Day

Following the events of the Old War, Kriplespac became an assistant to the Fairy Panther King. While living in the Panther King's castle, Kriplespac invented an array of (mostly useless) items including anti-gravity chocolate (which Conker later used to his advantage). Despite once being the commander of the Tediz army, the Panther King treated Kriplespac very poorly. He was allocated to a small room where his research was done, and the Panther King often threatened to pull out duct tape and do the unthinkable.

In spite of the less-than-stellar treatment Kriplespac was given, he continued to do what he was told. At the beginning of Bad Fur Day, the Panther King discovered he could not properly savor his milk due to his throne-side table having a missing leg. He decided that a red squirrel was the only suitable substitute, which meant Conker (being the only red squirrel in Windy) was his target. Kriplespac began to devise strategies on how to capture Conker, while at the same time making developments on how to assassinate the Panther King.

After having failed time and time again at defeating Conker, Kriplespac eventually lured the main five characters (Conker, Berri, the Panther King, Don Weaso, and himself) into the same location - an abandoned bank. Here it is revealed that Kriplespac planted a Xenomorph egg inside the Panther King, which quickly hatched and burst through the dying King's chest. Heinrich was born.
 With Berri shot, the Panther King dead, and Don Weaso having fled the scene, Kriplespac, Conker, and the menacing Heinrich were the only characters left. Kriplespac decided to launch the bank into space, but in his joy over the birth of Heinrich and the death of the Panther King, he forgot to secure the airlocks. The corpses of Berri and the Panther King were sucked through the airlock, as well as a still-alive Kriplespac. He was thought to be dead after exclaiming "First my limbs, and now my life!", but he makes a return two hundred years later in the Future War...

Future War

Professor Von Kriplespac surprisingly survived his trip through the airlock, and even more surprisingly lived for another 200 years to lead the Tediz once again. His longer-than-usual lifespan could be credited to his partly-mechanical body (which may have provided him with life support).

Following the events of Bad Fur Day, Kriplespac crash landed on the planet Doon. Here he spent the next 200 years developing an army of Machine Tediz, just like the one that emerged from "The Machine" at Castle Von Tedistein. History soon repeated itself, which led to a another all-out war between the SHC and Tediz. Only this time things were far more gruesome and destructive. As opposed to the Old War (which was fought in one region on one planet), the Future War would span entire galaxies.

But first thing was first - revenge. Kripplespac returns to Earth with his army of Machine Tediz, where Windy is presumably destroyed. A shocked and enraged SHC assembled what troops they had and pursued the Tediz.

Kriplespac's next motive was to resurrect the Fairy Panther King. The reasons for this are unknown, but one likely example involves Kriplespac wanting to use the king as a mindless slave in battle, taking advantage of his magical properties. Whatever the reason, the Panther King's body was located in deep space - frozen in carbonate. Kriplespac needed to acquire the map to pinpoint the body's location, so that he could find and resurrect it.

The problem was that the Tediz and SHC possessed two halves of the same map. The two sides met at A Bridge Too Narrow, a base located in the depths of an icy planet. The goal of both sides was to steal the digitized map from the opponent's base, and then take it to the uplink device near their own. The SHC actually emerged victorious, but the Tediz ended up stealing both pieces of the map shortly after.

The location of "The Weapon", or the body of the Panther King, was somehow leaked to the public in a magazine aptly-named "Fur Only." With this, the SHC headed towards the coordinates of the map but discovered the map was printed up-side-down. Kriplespac happened to be holding the original map up-side-down (which meant it was actually right-side-up) allowing him to end up in precisely the right location.

The Tediz, having gotten to the body first, took it to an outer-space base located near "The Big Rim." Before Kriplespac could start the revival process, the SHC arrived. The Tediz then had to destroy the SHC spawner ship before the SHC could destroy the Panther King. The spawner and the body were both protected by force fields located at each side's base, and these force fields could only be deactivated by having a specific side control the three towers in the area. Since the Panther King's body is seen in the next (and final) chapter of the Future War, we can assume that the Tediz win.

Kriplespac and the Machine Tediz come full circle and flee to Doon, where they begin the resurrection process. Since the story comes to a close after this battle, it can end one of two ways. Either the Panther King is successfully revived, or the SHC prevent the resurrection process and a reign of peace begins. The former option would leave more room for a sequel.

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