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I haven't played 2 yet so no comment on that one. I completed the first one a couple years ago and have to admit that I pushed myself to beat it because I didn't want to leave it unfinished. That said, I did enjoy playing through the first half or 3/4 of the game. To be honest, I only bought the second one because it dropped down to $5 and I thought, "Hey, it's worth it to me to try it out for a couple hours for five bucks." After looking into reviews more, I'm quite excited at this point. I just installed it yesterday for the first time. (I've been working through a backlog of games.)

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I just played through the tutorial last weekend. I'll try it some more. It was cool. I had no issues with it running in Linux.

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I'll be righteously angry @microsoft if this game doesn't come to PC as quickly as the last one did.

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@xymox said:

Steam Broadcast is used to break copyright laws and stream porn? I'm shocked.

Wonder what'll happen when they find all the nude mods people are using. Because PC gaming.

That's what the Report option is for.

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I'm a big fan of Twitch, but they're going to lose a lot of my traffic after this is in place. Go to a game hub and then click on the Broadcast tab; instantly see live gameplay footage (the best kind to decide if you want to buy it).

Also, now my friends that didn't want to go through the trouble of getting OBS set up probably won't mind me watching their game if they don't even have to set anything up!

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Co-op matchmaking problems... on UPlay... NO WAY! I will buy a single player game on UPlay still, but not multiplayer. Multiplayer UPlay games are the same as throwing my money in the trash.

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If you guys are interested in streaming using your own server, a couple of us folk at the OBS project forum created virtual machines that you can download and start using with little to no configuration necessary.


As many of you will know, OBS is open source software that a lot of Twitch streamers use to live capture their game and upload to Twitch.

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I bought a four-pack on Steam and have one left over. Does anyone want to buy it? It comes with Tropico 5 special edition, Tropico 4, and Omerta.

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Congrats, Patrick. I and my friends finally purchased Dark Souls around Christmas time and have had a lot of frustrating moments washed over with victorious fun. It is refreshing.