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Co-op matchmaking problems... on UPlay... NO WAY! I will buy a single player game on UPlay still, but not multiplayer. Multiplayer UPlay games are the same as throwing my money in the trash.

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If you guys are interested in streaming using your own server, a couple of us folk at the OBS project forum created virtual machines that you can download and start using with little to no configuration necessary.


As many of you will know, OBS is open source software that a lot of Twitch streamers use to live capture their game and upload to Twitch.

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I bought a four-pack on Steam and have one left over. Does anyone want to buy it? It comes with Tropico 5 special edition, Tropico 4, and Omerta.

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Congrats, Patrick. I and my friends finally purchased Dark Souls around Christmas time and have had a lot of frustrating moments washed over with victorious fun. It is refreshing.

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Wow, nice!

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I waited to buy the game until it was on sale for half off. That was like a month after it was released. I thought the problems would be fixed by then. I am an idiot. I can't remember the last time a game froze my computer to the point that I had to hit the power button to reboot... could have been years.

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I just played one mission tonight. I installed Warframe after being unable to get BF3 working all day (frustrating). I liked the setup. It felt similar to times of old where I'd play co-op games on console. I'm going to get more familiar with the game before I request to join the clan. I play on PC.

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This was great! *applause* I'm glad it got on the front page so I noticed it.

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Well, that middle image means 3D, right?

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Whether it's a little good or a lot of good, it's all good. Why complain? It sounds cool to me. It will allow some people to benefit from it. Heck, I see myself telling a cousin or friend to borrow a game of mine to try it out while I'm not using my account. It's like a free rental.