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I bought a four-pack on Steam and have one left over. Does anyone want to buy it? It comes with Tropico 5 special edition, Tropico 4, and Omerta.

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Congrats, Patrick. I and my friends finally purchased Dark Souls around Christmas time and have had a lot of frustrating moments washed over with victorious fun. It is refreshing.

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Wow, nice!

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I waited to buy the game until it was on sale for half off. That was like a month after it was released. I thought the problems would be fixed by then. I am an idiot. I can't remember the last time a game froze my computer to the point that I had to hit the power button to reboot... could have been years.

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I just played one mission tonight. I installed Warframe after being unable to get BF3 working all day (frustrating). I liked the setup. It felt similar to times of old where I'd play co-op games on console. I'm going to get more familiar with the game before I request to join the clan. I play on PC.

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This was great! *applause* I'm glad it got on the front page so I noticed it.

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Well, that middle image means 3D, right?

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Whether it's a little good or a lot of good, it's all good. Why complain? It sounds cool to me. It will allow some people to benefit from it. Heck, I see myself telling a cousin or friend to borrow a game of mine to try it out while I'm not using my account. It's like a free rental.

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This is awful.

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I converted an ordered list to an unordered list. I can't remove items from it now. It says that it saved and it reloads the list, but the items I deleted remain.