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This was great! *applause* I'm glad it got on the front page so I noticed it.

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Well, that middle image means 3D, right?

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Whether it's a little good or a lot of good, it's all good. Why complain? It sounds cool to me. It will allow some people to benefit from it. Heck, I see myself telling a cousin or friend to borrow a game of mine to try it out while I'm not using my account. It's like a free rental.

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This is awful.

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I converted an ordered list to an unordered list. I can't remove items from it now. It says that it saved and it reloads the list, but the items I deleted remain.

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It's nice to see this communication.

Question: Do lists still allow duplicate entries? My preference is that they don't allow duplicate entries. I don't have a feel for what most people want, though.

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I'm glad new consoles are coming out so that PC graphics will get better. What need have I to upgrade my graphics card? Pretty much none.

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Whether this comment is in or out of context, I just hope they keep SWTOR going. That game is incredible, and I haven't paid anything for it yet. I am going to dish out money soon for perks, and it won't be reluctantly. I want to give them my money for SWTOR.

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@ltsquigs said:

Ok I have fixed adding items to lists on our dev environment, but unfortunately that fix won't be pushed out until Monday next week.

The re-ordering stuff should have been fixed a while ago. The links not working in descriptions is intentional for now.

Thank you very much! I was able to add items today.

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It still says that it saves but actually doesn't.