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As long as it's not poor, I would like to get this game. It has been a long time since the Return of the King hack 'n' slash.

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Thanks for the comments. I liked Dark Alliance. I didn't know about this game until I browsed gamewallpapers.com today. It's on my watch list now.

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Man. That one guy being interviewed about having an affair looked exactly like one of the dudes from Alias.

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Co-op was my only interest.

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Yes, I was asking for the staff to create something.

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I have a request. I'd like users to be able to create a list of games that sends them daily email notifications if there are article, video, or image updates to any game on the list. This would function like IGN's Alerts list.
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This game was on sale yesterday if I remember correctly. Are the problems fixed? It looks like a cool game.

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I've been planning on getting a 3DS when they come out in the U.S. But if it comes out at $300, then it's a hard buy. I could get nice racing gloves and boots for my motorcycle for that much. Heck, I could buy a netbook. Man, I could buy a Wii and a half.

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@Seedofpower said:

" @014:  This news just came out yesterday. They made a post of it on their website. The 15th of September. "

I guess I was assuming this news because they announced earlier that they weren't going to use GFWL in Space Marine. See the post by Wolgang.
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I heard about this a long time ago, like a month. I should have posted it :(