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Whether this comment is in or out of context, I just hope they keep SWTOR going. That game is incredible, and I haven't paid anything for it yet. I am going to dish out money soon for perks, and it won't be reluctantly. I want to give them my money for SWTOR.

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Ok I have fixed adding items to lists on our dev environment, but unfortunately that fix won't be pushed out until Monday next week.

The re-ordering stuff should have been fixed a while ago. The links not working in descriptions is intentional for now.

Thank you very much! I was able to add items today.

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It still says that it saves but actually doesn't.

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Well, Maxthon allows me to remove games from lists but not add new ones. :( Dang it.

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Since there was an update to Firefox recently, I decided to try editing a list. I was able to add two games to a list using Firefox version 20.0.1.

EDIT: Scratch that. I was thrown off by the green bar at the top. It didn't actually save the new games.

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I went to this site to look for a more suitable HTML 5 browser. I gave Maxthon a shot, and list functions work.

This, to me, seems like Giant Bomb coded the site ahead of the curve. Maybe it's the browsers' jobs to catch up.

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I'm back to comment on this thread and keep it alive. I know this is not the only thread about this. In Windows, the list functions do not work properly in the most popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome. In Ubuntu, I believe Firefox worked for me once but I don't remember if it was 100% or partially. I have yet to test browsers on OS X.

Not a bug but a (return) feature request: Please put a button back on game pages to add to list. I used that all the time.

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It's working for me tonight!

EDIT: Well, scratch that; I can add to lists if I use the top part of the page to add items. I still can't use the Remove button.

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This began working for me (that I noticed) just now. It was not working for days, possibly since the website transition.