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It's working for me tonight!

EDIT: Well, scratch that; I can add to lists if I use the top part of the page to add items. I still can't use the Remove button.

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This began working for me (that I noticed) just now. It was not working for days, possibly since the website transition.

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Possible Clue

I tested today that in Firefox in Windows 7 64-bit, the buttons don't work. In Internet Explorer, the buttons do work but you get a red error bar at the top of the page upon submission. I booted into a live Linux DVD (Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon 64-bit with codecs) and used Firefox. Editing my lists worked perfectly!

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I can't add or remove games from my lists via Firefox nor IE in Windows 7 64-bit. It really stinks. I converted from IGN years ago who did lists better at that time and had better game tracking. Game tracking is improved now. I'm looking forward to the lists at Giantbomb working again!

Not a bug, but I'm wondering where the "add to list" button is these days that was on the old site. That was much quicker to add games to my lists rather than browse to my lists, click on the list I want, then go into edit mode, then search for the game(s) I want to add.

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Thanks for the demo link. I'm going to try this on PC.

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Man, I'm tired of the shift to cell phone / tablet gaming. IMO, it's a craze that feels new but it's actually backwards. Isn't it? The new game medium is uber expensive, multifunctional devices that have weak controls and performance. The phone I carry around is $600 MSRP. That's a pretty serious console bundle! And people complain about the Vita price. Heh.

I just spent $400 to upgrade my computer. I hope great games that require some horsepower continue to come out. Though it's sad to see game studios get smaller or close, I think the market is over saturated. Games don't seem to perform financially well enough unless they sell millions. Well, the same group of people can't buy every good game that's released anymore like they used to ten years ago. How many must-have games were released per year back then? Three? There are now too many really good games. I should slap myself for saying that, but I think that's how it is.

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Do you have an Android phone? Get Foxfi and share your cellular internet access to your computer for free. The download might take uber long but there should be no capacity limitation. Although, your cell provider might notice the high usage. If they do, they'll be slow to notice most likely. When I had AT&T and an iPhone, I used the phone for a year without a data plan before they cared. I don't have AT&T anymore but my new provider doesn't care about the proxy bypass when WiFi tethering either. I have the feeling they don't have very good checks and balancing systems. It must be a manual audit instead of an automatic system.

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Since my PC is already connected to my TV via HDMI as an alternative monitor I use sometimes, and my cousin's only computer monitor is his TV, this free update is very welcomed. I think it's sweet that this change doesn't require (some of) us to buy any new hardware.

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@kabukijoe said:

I'll be interested to see just how well the controls translate. Regardless, work is definitely going to regret the staff ipad initiative.

That reminds me: I have an iPad at work I can use. Mua hahahaha. But I already have this game on Steam.