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Great voice acting is a sweet touch in games. I'm playing through Deus Ex: HR right now, and each time I encounter a conversation I appreciate the voice acting. My guy sounds like Clint Eastwood and my boss sounds like the male Tredstone handler from Bourne Identity.

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There are too many MMO's. This is why they can't all survive on subscriptions. You need people to play multiple games. Most people are not going to be willing to subscribe to multiple games at a time.

Also, PC games can be had for cheap on Steam several times a year. This causes me to have a backlog of games I feel I should play (hopefully finish) before subscribing to a time-sucking MMO. That said, it's been my plan for a while now to subscribe to EVE Online this Winter whether I finish my backlog of games or not.

SW:TOR is a game I always wanted to excel. But I never put any action into it because of all the games I already paid for but hadn't played yet. Heck, I was in the beta but only played 2 hours if that. The video game market is really tough these days. It's too saturated with good games.

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My first thought is I'm glad my Diablo III parties are planned 1.5 - 2 weeks after launch. My second thought is, man, it's really sad and disappointing these errors weren't ironed out during the beta testing. I am not buying the game until pay day. This news makes me happy I may have avoided a lot of frustration.

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I have to have this game. It's like Legos with friends. But I must knock out some of my single-player games in queue first.

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I like her styling. She is a bad girl, after all.

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I guess there won't be another Unit 13 for Vita. Dangit.

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Everyone else get theirs?

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I find it less than fair for Amazon's sake (and the game publisher's) that someone could return a game after they've beaten it!

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@jessicatz: Nice!

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@Wolfgang: Argath turns traitor? I sorta saw it coming, but I guess now I know for sure. Yes, I'm late to the party. Never had a PSP, but now I have a Vita.

I came here looking for help, because I freaking stink at this game! I'm a decent Fire Emblem player. FFT owns me! Grr!