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Everyone else get theirs?

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I find it less than fair for Amazon's sake (and the game publisher's) that someone could return a game after they've beaten it!

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@jessicatz: Nice!

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@Wolfgang: Argath turns traitor? I sorta saw it coming, but I guess now I know for sure. Yes, I'm late to the party. Never had a PSP, but now I have a Vita.

I came here looking for help, because I freaking stink at this game! I'm a decent Fire Emblem player. FFT owns me! Grr!

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@sopranosfan: I paid $50 for Uncharted but then turned around and sold it for $35 shipped on eBay after I beat it. I suggest looking there or half.com. I wrote a review for it here. It's a good game.

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@mosespippy said:

The great thing is that even if you don't own a vita yet you can still "purchase" the free vita version on your PS3 so that you have it for when you eventually get a vita.

I did this last year with a couple PSP games when Sony gave away four games in response to the major PSN outage.

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I have an iPad to use in the IT department at work whenever I want. I took it home for a week or two. It sat on a coffee table. At least it didn't take a lot of space doing so. I am not saying it's a useless device period, but it's useless to me. Between a gaming desktop, a laptop, and a smartphone, the iPad doesn't fit anywhere... not to mention I have a Vita. I would not be looking at getting an iPad for the intention of gaming. No way. I like buttons and analog sticks.

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@JustKamToo said:

Lets hope he can finally get a game that has everything in it that he says and wants!

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  Figured I'd post this here since I don't see a page for this game yet. The trailer looks sweet!

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It wasn't there before I went to bed last night, but it was there before I left for work in the morning. The game is on my Vita now. I haven't played it yet because I'm stuck on a level in FFT and I am drawn to beat it!