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  Figured I'd post this here since I don't see a page for this game yet. The trailer looks sweet!

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It wasn't there before I went to bed last night, but it was there before I left for work in the morning. The game is on my Vita now. I haven't played it yet because I'm stuck on a level in FFT and I am drawn to beat it!

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I've been checking frequently. It's 7:00 PM where I am. :(

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I checked about an hour and a half ago and it wasn't in the PS store yet.

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The two places I play my Vita the most are on the bus and during my daughter's fencing practices. It struck me recently that I'd like to waste time playing The Sims on my Vita. Anyone (possibly ashamedly) agree with me? As low as my expectation was for The Sims on GBA (my last handheld), I actually enjoyed it.

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Sweet news! This is why I stop by the Vita forums frequently.

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This thread just reminded me about the PSP games on my PS3 from the welcome back thing. I forgot to put them on my Vita!

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This interview with gameplay footage made me want the game even more after playing the demo. I didn't realize you could upgrade your guy's weapons.

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@Krakn3Dfx said:

I'm 100% in on this one as my 2nd retail Vita game purchase to follow up Uncharted.

Same for me. I just pre-ordered on Amazon using $10 in gift cards, so $30 shipped. Using Swagbucks as my search engine pays off. That's how I earn the gift cards. I'll be sure to put you folks on my PSN friends if you're not already so we can do co-op.

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Hmm. I like the characters with transparent background.