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This thread just reminded me about the PSP games on my PS3 from the welcome back thing. I forgot to put them on my Vita!

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This interview with gameplay footage made me want the game even more after playing the demo. I didn't realize you could upgrade your guy's weapons.

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@Krakn3Dfx said:

I'm 100% in on this one as my 2nd retail Vita game purchase to follow up Uncharted.

Same for me. I just pre-ordered on Amazon using $10 in gift cards, so $30 shipped. Using Swagbucks as my search engine pays off. That's how I earn the gift cards. I'll be sure to put you folks on my PSN friends if you're not already so we can do co-op.

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Hmm. I like the characters with transparent background.

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I thought it was a fun game worth playing. I wrote a review just now instead of making a long post here. :)

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When I did it on my Vita, some of the fields were blank when I hit submit even though I entered them in. It worked on second try when I filled them in again. *shrug*

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Wow. Is that how good the graphics look in WoW now? I don't remember them looking that good when I played the trial many months ago.

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Hopefully this thread wasn't annoying, but, what I think I'm going to do is get Unit 13 + FFT. They're very different games, and FFT is cheap. No reason to get FFT and Tactics Ogre at the same time since they're so similar. I'll get Tactics Ogre down the line when I beat FFT.  
Oh, Rayman is on the wish list already. It's gorgeous. But the Unit 13 demo kept me coming back more than the Rayman one did, so I'm getting Unit 13 sooner.

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I posted Uncharted on half.com for sale because I'll beat it today. The games I want to get from the sale money are either Unit 13 or two PSP games: FF Tactics WoTL and Tactics Ogre. I'll get all of them eventually. I really like shooters and games like Fire Emblem. For those of you who have played the PSP tactic games I mentioned, would you say to get them first?

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I noticed some more eye tiredness from looking at a screen all day long. I am at a computer a work, computer at home, and vita in between. It's simply hard on the eyes. Also, focusing on something up close and bright is normal to cause your eyes to have to adjust back to normal afterward.