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These are all the settings you need if you want to burn the subtitles in. You don't have to check all the boxes.

However, I am going to test if the player can use the regular subtitles because of the options you can set below.
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Speaking of subtitles, it didn't load them automatically. I had to go to the subtitles tab and select the one I wanted and add it to the encode job. Testing in VLC shows the subtitle is there but not enabled by default. If the Vita can't enable it (probably can't), I'll have to burn in the subtitles I'm guessing.

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I've been using Handbrake to get videos looking nice for my phone for a long time. I found that someone created and shared a Vita preset for Handbrake... thought I'd pass it along. I am about to test it out.

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I played through the demo today since my Vita arrived today. Uncharted is what I'd call a good game. Unit 13 on the other hand feels great. It's looking like the next game I buy.

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I feel like they are going the Nintendo route of purposely keeping the production numbers at a moderate to low level. Sony might have planned it out so that they don't need to sell a crazily high amount in order to keep a good business model. I'm just speculating, but it's a possibility. It might not be their goal to get the top spot in the handheld market. If they planned production accordingly, then simply being one of the handhelds is not a hurt to their finances.

I think Sony makes a good system. Comparing the hardware of my PS3 to the 360 I had (w/o HDMI), the PS3 clearly won. Easier hard drive upgrades. Using a regular flash drive as a backup drive or to transfer data. Built-in WiFi. Standard computer style power cable. Blu-ray. Standard USB to charge the controllers. Free online play. HDMI. That system made me a Sony fan even though I'd still say to this day that the 360 game selection is better.

I feel similarly about the Vita. I think it's a better system than the 3DS. I wanted a 3DS really bad before they came out and I played with one in a store. It didn't live up to my expectation. My thoughts were the games should be good and it would be a good system, but news of the Vita grabbed my attention. It sounded better. I hope some great games come out for the Vita. If they don't, I still think the system itself rocks.

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There is a Netflix app listed here. If that is live, then you can no longer say it doesn't support any sort of streaming. ;)

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@FluxWaveZ: Another possibility, some hotels do this for example, is when you open a browser you're redirected to a login page.
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I'm going to Walmart tonight with the Target ad on my pocket. My wife said Walmart employees started wearing shirts that say big and bold that they price match. I'll see what they have left over from yesterday's launch. Games and accessories are what I'll be looking at.

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Sounds strange for sure. It can't be USB 2.0. 4GB transferred over USB 2.0 should take five minutes or less. I hope it's not the speed of the memory card! But what else could it be?