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Wow, it's really sad to read this heartfelt goodbye. You've been awesome, Scoops. Take care and good luck with all your future ventures. You will be missed.

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I quit AC3 after a few hours of play and haven't returned to the series, even with the praise Black Flag received. The premise of the AC games are enticing but the actuality is Zzzz. Also, the combat is mindless.

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Looks like it might be the comcast Internet and Cable TV package then. Thanks again for the help.

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Interesting article, Scoops. Thanks :)

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Thanks for the tips guys. Sounds like it could be a painful experience.

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Hi Bombers,

I have just moved from Australia to San Jose, USA and will be living here for the next few years. I was wanting to get opinions from you knowledgeable people on what is the best TV and Internet packages to sign up for. I will be renting (an apartment most likely) and need fast internet for work and gaming. In terms of TV I would like HBO, English Premier League (Soccer) and E! (My wife's request.) Any ideas on what services you have found to be reliable and well priced in this area?

If you need any more info. just ask

Cheers in advance.

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Thanks for being you, Jeff. Great list :)

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Great write up, Alex. Thanks for the words and all of your work this year. Cheers! :)

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Thanks for your highlights in gaming this year, Brad. Loved all your hard work in 2013, keep it up and know that it's appreciated :)

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Thanks for the excellent list and all your awesome work this year, Vinny :)