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Thanks for being you, Jeff. Great list :)

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Great write up, Alex. Thanks for the words and all of your work this year. Cheers! :)

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Thanks for your highlights in gaming this year, Brad. Loved all your hard work in 2013, keep it up and know that it's appreciated :)

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Thanks for the excellent list and all your awesome work this year, Vinny :)

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Nice list, Patrick.

Thanks for all the great work you put in this year. It means a lot to those who read/watch it :)

RIP Ryan.

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Great list, Drew :) Some games I played, some I hope too :)

Have an awesome Christmas and New Year!

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Hi Giant Bombers,

I'm in 2020 with my FM save and have taken Wolverhampton to some giddy heights. How about you guys? Whats the longest save you have with this years version? Is there many Giant Bomb FM players?

Oh and yeah I made this 2 min video that gives an overview of the game. Enjoy!


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Haha, interesting. You don't have a favourite thing to cure in Theme Hospital?

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Hi Giant Bombers,

I picked up Theme Hospital last week in the GOG sale for $2.99. I played this relentlessly back in 1997 and it's still just as good as I remember :)

What's is everyones favourite illness in the game? I think Slack tongue is mine even though it's one of the early ones.

Oh yeah and I made this in tribute to the great game: Theme Hospital - The Wrap

Take care all!

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RIP Ryan. You have brought me many great memories as a gamer and I am sure it is the same for many, many others.

Thoughts and positive energy go out to Ryan's family, friends and the Giant Bomb crew in this trying time. This is heart breaking news :(

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