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There's a topic/editorial that reads like this every damn recession. 
Ok, it wasn't as bad as it is made out to be, but there is a recession, and a lot of money has been lost.

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I always thought Modern Warfare 2 was anti-war. I mean, everytime I play it I'm just all "Damn, how did ANYONE survive something like this?". And yeah, the whole nuke level in CoD4 is pretty against it and such.

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Every year? The other two took two years.

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So I've heard that Blizzard runs on some sort of development cycle. Following this, when should we expect to see Catacylsm. Or, when, logically, do you expect to see it? How long will they wait once Icecrown Cit. is released?
I'm asking since I've taken a break (/been forced too) because of school, which won't let up until October 2010. Will the release in November like they did with the other two? That would be epic as I would have pretty much unlimited free time >.<

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Greed exists in the free market. Epic observation.

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@Dasacant said:
You have a principal against going to a store?  "
Not everyone can download, in the same way not everyone can get to a store :/
Especially in Australia where our internet is capped.
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I mute anyone that talks, usually. Except for this one time that two guys were actually using the mic for tactics, which was rather amazing. Encountered some black people that we're all "Fuck white people", annoying British kids "I've got ta go eat me luntch", et al

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Yeah most rap has nothing to do with the 'struggles of the street' nowadays it's just so damn commercialized. Pumping out the same crap with the same beats every 5 years. Then again there is the occasional crew or w/e that keep it real (Aussie hip hop has a few). But generally no, I don't like rap.

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Like IW gives a shit if a couple of guys in a basement somewhere in the mid West put a bumper sticker on their mom's car for when she drives to the shops to retrieve some nachos... 
Activision has not lost touch with the player base, it's a ridiculous wild goose chase to suggest so. I thought the fundamental component of CoD was shooting people, but apparently the main reason PC gamers played it was for the thrill of joining a server....Oh damn look at the loading screen! So hawt!

Aaanyway mods feel free to close this now.

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It's amazing, the online system works flawlessly (so far at least). Hell it's worth getting it just for campaign.