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So, perhaps the game is too human in that you have to wade through shit in order to get to any real substance. As with most people. Yuk yuk.

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Warner Bros. has been releasing these so-called Motion Comics. I've been downloading them from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This one scene that takes place at the end of the second issue actually made me tear up. Chapter II of Watchmen is one of the reasons the series is as acclaimed as it is. There's a certain... pathos created for the character of The Comedian, Edward Blake. He does such terrible things, yet we come to almost--if not entirely--feel bad for him in the end. I implore anyone interested in Watchmen to read it before 3.6.09.

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I have the A Clockwork Orange novel on my desk, actually. Ahem: "I was in the Wing Chapel, it being Sunday morning, and the prison charlie was govoreeting the Word of the Lord. It was my rabbit to play the starry stereo, putting on solemn music before and after and in the middle too when hymns were sung." Kooky, kooky Burgess. Passed up the Blu-ray, too, incidentally. Curses.

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Good times, Denis, good times. Oh, and... y'know, I'd probably download the No Doubt tracks as well. Some of those songs are really fun to sing along with.

... Uno!

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I've never seen a loved one--even an animal--kill themselves in a nightmare. Not that I can recall, at any rate. Would be disturbing to say the least.

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Really solid picks, Denis. I wasn't totally surprised to see GTA IV come in at the #4 spot. Fable II comes as something of a surprise, though. Sehr interessant.

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Some people don't have assholes. Knew a kid like that once. Felt sorry for him. Heh, I'll try to tune in, buddy.

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I say kick 'em in the crotch region. Very few people will dispute after that.

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Already pre-ordered. Oh, man, look at that ghost in the third pic! Can't wait. And The Real Ghostbusters was the Ghostbusters cartoon. The Extreme iteration deserves very little leeway when compared. Just thought I'd... add my two cents there, so... yeah. Ghostbusters!

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But then we'd have Nixon's head in charge. I don't know if I could handle that again.

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