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Insomniac sure do know how to turn out a product. I'll have to jump on the COD4 train one o' these days.

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Haha, classic.

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Good times, indeed! Hopefully summat will go down again.

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You know, something similar happened to me. I suppose we'll both have daddy issues somewhere down the line. [sigh] Well, time to go blow some Raider scum into bits.

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Comparisons to BioShock and The Thing have definitely been enough to garner my interest. Just gonna have to wait. It seems like Dead Space might be one of those titles to receive budget pricing sooner than later. I hope, anyway. Moneys.

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Haha, so the guy whipped out some Emperor dialog? As he's rubbing the case, "You want this... don't you?" Should have struck him down with all of your hatred, man. All of it.

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I recently finished Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and, let me tell ya folks, I love it. Heck, I've loved everything I've played lately. It's just been a great year like that. Now, anyway, I knew that I'd like this new Spider-Man game because I'm a fan of the webslinger, but it actually exceeded my expectations. Activision's continued the trend they started with Ultimate Spider-Man and improved upon Spidey combat and webslinging abilities. Fighting is now a hyperkinetic experience and moving around New York via web has been simplified. The game is also strengthened by its tapping in to actual comic book stuff, rather than the films. The movies are great for the most part, but there's better source material in the comics which was put to use here to create a really great story. My only gripes: 1) Spidey's voice actor is uneven, coming off as whiny in some scenes, while sounding really good in others and 2) there are a number of technical issues that really become apparent later in the game as the city becomes more... crowded. Other than that, it's fantastic. If you were on the fence about picking it up, go right on ahead. At least rent it, man. Be cool. By the way, I got a T-shirt for pre-ordering.

Ah, and only a few more hours until Fallout 3 apparently. The euphoria. It's too much.

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I recently added a character by the name of Vittorio and misspelled his name. Vitorrio should be Vittorio. Two t's, not two r's.

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