Not knowing a damn thing about this game, all I can say is I want to play me some Ico.  


Outback in Australia?

Outback is to Australia as
a. Olive Garden is to Italy   
b. Panda Express is to China 
c. Chipotle is to Mexico 
d. all of the above 
Let me clarify if I'm feeling particularly lazy and one of these fine establishments is on the way home I'd consider pulling in.  I just think it's odd there's a market in Australia clamoring for America's delusional idea of what constitutes Australian cuisine.   


another er comes to a close

What's with DP chaining twists at the end?  I worried there was going to be some Son of Sam stuff at the conclusion like how shows/movies do to leave the possibility of a future installment down the line.  Certainly a lot of questions remain but with so much going on it's probably difficult to tie everything up neatly.  Still, if Willie's so smart what's he doing hanging with a demon alien?  Where'd Nick go?  How come Polly doesn't recognize Kaysen?  On and on.        


ER finale?

Due to some internet difficulties I haven't seen the latest ER episodes but as this run comes to a close I see that my initial guess of Thomas as the RcK was wrong.  My next guess was another FBI agent.  Maybe it was a late night viewing but I thought I remembered York talking about an agent who had either previously come to Greenvale or was due to arrive.  Briefly I believed Michael was the culprit because of his finger shaking but file that under coincidence.  Looks like the ERunners were right after all.  Anyways looking forward to these last episodes.  When both teams wrap it up I cringe thinking about everyone's 2 cents concerning the next Run accompanied with some form of "I'm calling it...".        


If I were a guest of 「食わず嫌い王決定戦」

Sorry if you're already familiar with this but basically it's a talk show where (usually) 2 guests choose 3 of their favorite foods and one that they absolutely cannot stand. They shoot the breeze and at the end of the segment they decide which food the other doesn't like.  Here are my 3 and 1 as of today: 
1. Reuben Sandwich 
2. Green Curry 
3. Doner Kebab 
1. I think of anything that I don't like that wouldn't be completely obvious 
Well, this entry went well.  


my humble impressions of she

After watching an old ustream of Jeff fumbling with his music while driving I looked up one of the songs that came on during his commute.  Atomic by She.  I went to the website and most of the dude's (yes, it's a guy) music could be described as chiptune-y.  I can totally get down with 8-bit sounds but what's up with all the random Japanese female voices for samples?  Trust me, they're not saying anything that's worth recording and putting on a track.  Mr. She seems to like him some anime so maybe that's the link?  Anime's Japanese so Japanese voices?  Pretty weak if that's the reason.  If I want wild ramblings that make a tiny bit more sense I'll listen to Perfume.         


Dave & Drew Endurance Run?

This isn't a veiled criticism of the current ER's.  I'm enjoying both of them.  But what if in the future these dudes teamed up for an enduring  run?  What game?  Who would play?  Hmm...  


Movies that should be made

Man in the High Castle & Stranger in a Strange Land 
I'm not sure about the first one but I hear the second isn't going to happen for a while because it'll be difficult to secure the rights or something.  I'm not a lawyer nor am I particularly interested in how novels become movies; I just queue up when something interesting is released.   

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